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Project lead for Waterfall. This one is my personal. Pronouns: he/him

Do you ever feel fatigued and feel like you've not gotten anything done?

I remembered reading about a neat tool a while back called Gource ( and decided to run it against the currently live version of Waterfall's code.

The result was a fun little animated thing that shows the progress over some of the last two years. One day is about three seconds.

This video represents only the source code changes to Waterfall. It excludes everything not included in the Git repository (i.e. files and folders specified in the .gitignore file), so represents only code written by me or another staff member. Directory labels have been scrubbed for clarity, but you'll see three main branches - these correspond to the Core site, Blogs, and Common files shared between them. A little later on you see a smaller branch for the webhooks API used for payments and the commission market.

Some notes - this doesn't actually go back to the start of Waterfall's development. It wasn't until a few months in that I realised "hey, this is actually a serious project now, I should treat it like one" and set up Git. You'll also notice it tops out at March 2020 - that's roughly when development focus shifted properly towards Raven, the rewrite, and the other new stuff that I'm hoping to get out before the end of the year.

You can figure out my total lack of sleep schedule from this if you try!

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